Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council – Celebrating Diversity

Chai & Chat

Chai & Chat is a Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council initiative. It provides women of all ethnicities an opportunity to create genuine friendships through sharing experiences and conversation. Fluency in English is not required, we come from all backgrounds and speak multiple languages!

We are inviting you to our regular Chai and Chat get-together on Tuesday, 30 March 2021, 12pm to 2pm (drop in any time, stay as long as you can)

We plan to share stories and how we might further develop our group. Please join us and bring your ideas!

In addition to chai, coffee and snacks, this time we also have hot food available.

Date: Tuesdays
Time: 12-2pm
Dunedin Community House
301 Moray Place 

Contact chaichatdunedin@gmail.com for more information