Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council – Celebrating Diversity

We are Ōtepoti Dunedin

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Dunedin Korean Society

* Phone: +64-3-455-5858
* Homepage: http://dunedin.korean.net
* Incumbent President: Ms Euija Kim (+64-27-432-4402)
* Email: e.park123@hotmail.com, koreansociety@gmail.com
* Founding Date: 5 June 1995

Who are we: 

* Objectives

  • To facilitate meetings and strengthen the bonds between the Society’s members.
  • To support the members’ rights.
  • To promote cooperation and friendship between the Republic of Korea and New Zealand
  • To assist settlement and assimilation of the Korean immigrants in New Zealand society
  • To help Korean immigrants to become contributing members of New Zealand society

* History

  1. Founded on 5 June 1995
  2. Registered (802453) with the Companies Office in 13th June 1996.
  3. We have formed a close relationship with the K-Force (Returned and Services Association – RSA), the New Zealand veterans of the Korean War (25 June 1950 – 27 June 1953). Since Aug 1995, we have held annual ceremony remembering the Korean War with the K-Force.
  4. We operate the mountaineering club, Korean traditional percussion quartet, golf club and Korean reading/writing school. The Korean traditional percussion quartet participates in the Dunedin Festival and Ethnic Minority Culture Festival on regular basis.

DN Korean Society Inc. the member of board