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We are Ōtepoti Dunedin

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Dunedin Korean Society - Korean Culture Group

The Dunedin Korean Society was formed 13 June 1996. In 2019 we renamed Dunedin Korean Society – Korean Culture Group to bring more Kiwi who are interested in Korean language and culture to the society activities.

Who are we: 

Dunedin Korean Society is a Korean culture – centred community group. Our kaupapa is to support Korean-Kiwis to enjoy a higher level of wellbeing with a platform of learning English and Kiwi culture along with creating new style of Korean culture adapted to Kiwi lifestyle in New Zealand. This platform also serves for Kiwis who are interested in Korean drama, music, foods to learn Korean culture and language. The society offers weekly Korean language class 서당, radio show K-Talk, food, music, and dancing workshops. We also celebrate annual cultural events such as Seollal 설날 and Chuseok 추석. Membership not limited to Koreans. We are inclusive. All welcome.

Visit our facebook page in the below for more information about programmes and events we are running.

What Dunedin means to us:

Dunedin is a home of Korean-Kiwis and also Kiwi-Koreans who are keen to enjoy Korean culture centred-life style in Aotearoa. In Korean cultural context we value the space in time and relationship because it helps people to be better prepared to foster more manaakitanga (hospitality, kindness, generosity, support – the process of showing respect, generosity and care for others) in relationship building. Dunedin is the best place in Aotearoa for Korean-Kiwis and Kiwi-Koreans to taste genuine slow-paced-Korean culture. 고맙습니다 Kia Ora.

(The contents are prepared by Kiho Lee, an officer of the Society on 26 February 2021. Enquiries to kiholee2@yahoo.com).