Dunedin Multi-Ethnic Council – Celebrating Diversity

We are Ōtepoti Dunedin

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Dunedin Senior Chinese Association

Dunedin Senior Chinese Association was formed in 2005

Who are we: 

We are a group of retired people who originally came from China, and we have lived in Dunedin with our close family members since a number of years back. We’re passionate about performing Chinese folk music and dance, bringing joy to the local community as well as enjoying the vibrant multi-ethnic culture in Dunedin.

We have successfully delivered the traditional Chinese waist-drum dance, fan dance, Taichi etc to a number of Dunedin municipal and regional stages such as the regional gatherings, kindergartens, schools etc, in the merit to showcase senior Chinese’s lively activities and friendship toward the greater Dunedin community.

What Dunedin means to us:

Dunedin is our second and current hometown, and we love every bit about her. The people, building, harbour view, flickering lights of the night … even the getting busier and busier traffic all open their arms to embrace all of us in.

Our kids and grand-kids are working and studying in this city like all the kiwis. We can’t possibly love Dunedin less than our first hometown, and are happy to devote the passion, talent, and time of our retired lives into making Dunedin a more open-minded, equal, and joyful community.